Biteharder Portable Sharpening Tool Standard Series Crst150-60-Std

BITEHARDER Carbide Runner Sharpening Tool

with ADVANTAGE Technology

Standard Series

  • Easily re-sharpen carbide runners providing the perfect edge every time you ride
  • Use with a portable drill so you can re-sharpen wherever you are.
  • Industrial diamonds allow over thirty sharpens. (Single runner count per tool)
  • Provides the best edge for handling and performance

See the tool in action at WWW.BITEHARDER.COM


  • Designed for the snowmobile technician in a controlled shop environment
  • Can be run at higher RPM's (10,000rpm minimum) using precision pneumatic grinder
  • Higher quality diamond cutting media provide longer tool life
  • Up to 200 sharpenings per too (single runner count)


Price: 55.27