Blowsion Lightweight Billet Aluminum Handlepole (Black) 03-04-237

Constructed of billet aluminum throughout all its componentry, the Blowsion handle pole features an exclusively designed and lightweight dual honeycomb shaped center extrusion.  This system allows for ease of length and adjustability on each end as well as superior clamping strength. This lightweight handle pole comes from over 2 years of testing and from the design group at Blowsion as well as feedback and testing from the top pros in racing, freeride, and freestyle. Designed and manufactured in USA

  • Choose from multiple lengths of center extrusion allowing each rider to customize pole lengths
  • Only handle pole supplied with a billet steering stop
  • Fits Yamaha Super Jet and Kawasaki SX-R
  • Turbulator Chin Pad recommended for handle pole
  • Must use Blowsion's OVP steering kit

Price: 1071.01