Box Box 20Mm 36H Hub Set Gold Bx-Hu1320S36-Gd

Marc Willers, Caroline Buchanan, Kurt Pickard, the Dutch National BMX team and many other of the world’s top elite and amateur racers have been winning on BOX 20-millimeter freewheel hubs, so there’s no longer any reason to think freewheels suck. With a quality freewheel you’ll get thousands of skip-free starts, sprints and laps, something very few hub makers can guarantee. And there are other advantages: freewheel hubs cost less, weigh less and, most important, work with 20-millimeter axles without any compromises.

Hollow Hubs feature cold forged and CNC-machined, 6061-T6 aluminum shells fitted with precision sealed bearings and 20-millimeter, 7075-aluminum axles and axle nuts. Besides 100- front and 110-millimeter rear spacing, they also feature oversize, 32-millimeter, dropout interface washers, which further increase the stiffness of the wheels.

Price: 242.99