Box Concentric Linear Brake Cable Kit (Silver) Bx-Bc13Stnan-Sl


A. (Promax Cable)

Promax Stainless cables are excellent replacements for any bike repair

B. (Nano Cables)

Nano Cables inner brake wires are specially treated with a friction reducing coating to boost braking power and performance.



C. (Kingstar Cables)

Super-smooth Teflon-lined brake cables make for a smooth brake pull and maximum performance

D. (Promax LC-1 Cables)

LC-1 linear brake cable kits start with custom housing that includes stainless steel mesh-wrapped linear wires for the best combination of braking power and cable strength. The inner cable wires are stainless steel so they won’t rust over time. Each cable kit includes 63 inches of Linear housing, a BMX-race specific stainless steel cable wire, two black brass ferrules and two black alloy cable end caps.

E. (Concentric Cables)

BOX Concentric cable kits use custom Concentric housing, which includes aramid fiber-wrapped aluminum/steel linear wires for the best combination of strength and low weight. The inner Nano Cable wires are treated with a high-tech coating that reduces friction and boosts braking performance. Our anodized aluminum Kollars™ ferrules further reduce cable drag


Price: 16.19