Box X-Ray Brake Pads Red 70Mm Bx-Bp1300Pro-Rd


(XRay Pads)

X-Ray brake shoes feature a stiffer cold forged and CNC-machined cartridge body, three-tone/dual-compound, 70-millimeter pads for superior braking, pivoting mounting posts for perfect pad alignment and all-black hardware.

(B-1 Pads)

The B-1s have cartridge pad holders to fit 70-millimeter replacement pads, making it super easy to swap out worn pads or, for the style conscious, to change pad colors. Just pull out the pin, slide out the old pad and replace it with a Promax B-1 pad in one of eight available colors. Adding to the function of the B-1s, we spec’d the shoes with a pivoting post along with domed hardware, so setting the toe-in is easy.

(B-1 Replacement Pads)

The colorful B-1 replacement pads fit all Promax B-1 and BOX Components X-Ray cartridge brake shoe holders, as well as all other standard 70-millimeter brake pads from other manufacturers. Available in black, white, red, blue, yellow, lime, orange, grey and pink, these pads provide sure-stopping power with lots of style.

(B-2 Pads)

B-2 Air Flow brake shoes feature a simple, one-piece, co-molded pad design that provides loads of stopping power.

(Sinz Pads)

Sinz brake pads are whopping 70 millimeters long. A proprietary soft rubber compound provides the ultimate stopping power. A low-profile design makes for easy adjustments.

Price: 20.24